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We have developed a number of technical and technological solutions which improve the comfort of use, are flexible in terms of production, energy-efficient and tailored to the individual needs of investors. We install equipment both in existing buildings and prepare documentation for newly constructed production halls. The plants are constructed in single-row and multi-row systems, and operate as mechanised, semi-automatic or fully automatic lines. The transport system developed by our design engineers ensures high work safety, convenient access to the process tanks and all their auxiliary equipment. The processing of large parts is carried out on racks and the smaller ones on single or double* barrel units, also in special designs. For a part of technological processes there is also a possibility to make a galvanic line working in a mixed rack and barrel system. The state-of-the-art technical solutions applied in the construction of our electroplating lines guarantee a very high quality of the obtained coatings, while at the same time minimising labour costs and the costs of energy and raw materials.